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FLYING FISH & COU COU: Rivalry rocks boat

SHERRYLYN CLARKE, [email protected]

FLYING FISH & COU COU: Rivalry rocks boat

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A SELECT GROUP is reportedly becoming very concerned about the quiet though intense rivalry between two of its members.
From what Cou Cou was told, the discomfort is being caused by the constant actions of one of the individuals.
From what we have gathered, a popularity contest listed one individual ahead of the other. The one in the lead also had the prized plum to eat given to him as if he was anointed as the chosen one.
So the less popular person set out to become better liked than the chosen one. He started saying and doing more in the group, which raised his standing among them, so much so that when the time came for them to select a new leader, they chose him.
Since then he is all over the place even more, doing and saying a lot of things to score points for the team.
This individual has been doing so much that it has led to greater attention for him, and with this new found status has come a greater stature with more respect. At the same time, the chosen one’s star has begun to dim.
Now, since the group leader is thought to be just marking time, and the chosen one’s inheritance is proving too taxing for him, the obvious choice for leadership is this wannabe.
Recognising the tide seems to be coming in for him, this wannabe has been upping the stakes by going everywhere, talking a lot and sometimes saying things that some have interpreted as running counter to the group’s policies.
That’s why the membership is becoming increasingly worried. Some are asking if this wannabe is going a little too far in his actions.
The trouble is, no one is sure if anything can be done about him as the group is under such scrutiny now that any appearance of a fallout in their ranks could confine them to history’s dustbin.
?Senior’s late spring
?TONGUES ARE WAGGING about a certain senior who is walking up the aisle again, this time with a bride young enough to be his daughter.
Though those with whom he is in constant contact recognise that love has no bounds, they are very concerned of the message being sent to people who observe these things, given the more than 30-year age difference.
What has compounded the situation is that this man’s children, all older than his bride, are reportedly not happy with his decision and are said not to be on speaking terms with him.
But that’s not all. As the youthful bride is a young mother from an earlier relationship, those in the know are worried that this may convey a less than desirable message about this man.
Another thing which has those with whom he interacts on his job uneasy is the seeming inability of this woman to hold on to a job. Questions are being asked about why she was let go by the two noted organisations.
The people who alerted Cou Cou about this situation said the coming nuptials are being billed as the wedding of the year by many, and they are sincerely hoping this time the cleric will find happiness forever.