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Hit the road, Keith


Hit the road, Keith

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FROM CYCLISTS to former greats to parents and even enthusiasts, the cries are clear: Oh no, Yearwood must go!
?Turns out the petition to remove Keith Yearwood is very real, and so are the 74 signatures on it, as most of the Barbados Cycling Union’s (BCU) general body, including former greats Hector Edwards, Kensley Reece and Stanley Smith, have called for the president’s immediate resignation.
The appeal comes about two weeks after the petition was initially supposed to make an appearance at the National Road Race with some expected 50 signatures.
But the group of disgruntled members, led by Greg Downie, David Matthews and Edward Julien, drummed up even more support than originally suspected as Edwards, Reece and Smith, as well as former BCU president Steve Marshall, all put their pens to paper in unison.
“If he doesn’t resign, then he shows he has no love for the sport because it is dying under his leadership,” said Julien.
“It’s in a real bad state and if he is someone that claims he cares so much about it, then he should do the right thing.”
It’s the latest in an ongoing and very publicised impasse between the group and a beleaguered Yearwood, who has refused to resign in spite of the numerous calls from all across his general body.