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I CONFESS: Abuse of twin son by mum

SHERRYLYN CLARKE, [email protected]

I CONFESS: Abuse of twin son by mum

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I AM A PARENT of three grown children and although their father and I were not in a physical relationship – because of his perceived suspicions towards me – I still cared for them and treated them as fairly as I could. I did so because at the end of the day, they came out of me after the goodness and graciousness of Almighty God.
? The reason why I have made the above statement is the situation in which I am faced with the inconsistent treatment of the male child of twins.
This family is dysfunctional and seems to have some mental problems; this being the case, I think that some intervention should be done to save the male child from its mother.
The first wrong that the mother did to the male child was to push him off of her at five months of age when he was nursing at her breast and caused him to fall and strike his head on the cement floor.
??Pushed off
??She said that he rolled off her, which is quite unlikely because once a child is suckling on the breast it takes an effort to get them off, so the theory is that the male was forcibly pushed by her from off her breast; but the female was allowed to breastfeed until she was one year old without interruption.
The fact is that the mother favours the female child over and above the male child. These children are older now and the mother encourages the female child to speak against the male child.
I once asked her why she treats her son so and she responded that is because his father dumped her. He had to get out of her life because of the treatment she meted out to his male offspring.
This mother has bought a car after telling the children’s father that she cannot give any financial support to assist with them, and when she goes shopping for them, the male child is neglected as she claims that she cannot find anything in his size – no shoes, briefs, vests, shirts, pants, socks – nothing at all is she willing to purchase for this child.
The children are also enrolled in the church’s Sunday school classes and she does not allow them to go to church during the weekend they are spending with her. Furthermore, she would call at their father’s home and ask that he bring them for her because she is saving her gas.
She can find money to take them to spend at a staycation, but seems to forget that these children are alive by the grace of God and every effort should be made to allow them to be a part of the family of God.
The Bible tells us that Jesus chided his disciples for their stance when they wanted to push them aside from his presence when he said: “Suffer the little children to come on to me and forbid them not for as such is the Kingdom of Heaven.”
I wish to ask if there is anything that can be done for this male twin who is forced to endure unfair treatment by his abusive mother.
My advice to the mother is that sons usually love their mothers and she should not abuse him.
He is silently suffering because of her physical and verbal abuse as well as neglect. He is becoming withdrawn and the pain and hurt are showing in his eyes. Stop abusing your son. The behaviour borders on insanity and ignorance. You are being stupid and abusive.