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MAVIS BECKLES: Evahbody in a lotta pain

SHERRYLYN CLARKE, [email protected]

MAVIS BECKLES: Evahbody in a lotta pain

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BUT LOOK HOW DEM German men gone ’long up there in Brazil, in the people place, in the people face and presumptuously unfair dem poor Brazilian men just so. Heh heyyyyyyyyy!
?But ya know this sort o’ thing ain’t nutten new tuh dem, ya know. Dem Germans was always a pack o’ advantage tekkers. You could remember how dem went and tek advantage of a whole set o’ people. I think it was the Jews. Dem Germans is something else though.
?If you evah watch any o’ dem old war pictures, you would see how dem Germans used tuh operate. In dem pictures ya used tuh see how dem would march in and tek ovah the people places like duh belong tuh dem; duh bold and fierce and dat is exactly how they treated poor Brazil.
But listen, doan mind me though, hear? I only talking so because I know a whole lot o’ people who is die-hard Brazil supporters and who ain’t get ovah the shock yet, so I talking so because I ain’t want dem tuh feel any worse than duh already feel now. But leh muh tell ya something, this thing got a whole lot o’ people hurt then!
Some people cahn eat and some still cahn believe it nor accept it; it ain’t soak in yet. Some people getting nightmares and daymares; it like it haunting dem.
?The shops cahn sell enough beers fuh some people when duh friends begin tuh rag dem ’bout the humbling the samba boys get; duh drinking like fish.
?Practice match
??Some o’ dem cussing like pirates and anybody who dare open duh mouts tuh dem, duh cussing like somebody tell Brazil tuh go out there and leh Germany slaughter dem.
The other day – I think it was the evening after the catastrophe up there in Brazil – I barely open my mout’ tuh make a li’l joke wid a fella I know and like I would normally do.
?Now he does back Brazil, okay? He is die-hard Brazil fan fuh years, and because I had a smile pon my face, the man wash me off in cuss. You woulda believe dat I was telling he dat Freundel and he boys was the best thing tuh happen tuh Barbados since slice bread. By the way, he is a staunch Bee.
Look dem people make Brazil look like if duh was playing a practice match. Looking at how some o’ dem goals get scored, you would not believe dat Brazil was a big international team playing in the World Cup.
?Dem set up all kinds o’ short passes and completely confuse the Brazilians, suh much so dat when the first two goals get scored, it looked like Brazil was totally offset.
You could imagine dat, though? Wha’ I muhself still in shock. Dat is one o’ the top teams in the world and, look, it is the only team dat get summuch goals scored against it. Not even the weakest team ain’t get dat many goals scored against it and dat in itself is humiliating.
Well, tuh me, more humiliating in dat five whole goals get scored ’gainst dem in the first half alone and then the next two quick so in the second half.
?My sister – who like me does always back the African teams and if dem get knock out, we does back the underdogs – she said dat she was praying dat the Brazilians didn’t leh dem Germans score ten goals. Lord, dat would have been terrible.
Look, this is one thing dat ain’t gine be forgotten in a hurry, I tell ya!
?* Mavis Beckles was born and raised in The Orleans. She has an opinion on everything.