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New Bushy Park racing plan

trevor thorpe

New Bushy Park racing plan

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?Changes are coming to the running of motorsport at the recently redeveloped motor racing facility at Bushy Park, St Philip.
?Word of this came from the chairman of the Bushy Park Circuit Incorporated (BPCI), Mark Maloney, in the wake of poor spectator attendance at the recently held Digicel Williams International Race meet at the redeveloped motor racing facility.
“The reason for the lack of patrons wasn’t from the lack of content, or that is was not a good show, but is down to the issue of persons not being allowed to take in coolers, food and drinks into the facility, as well as people suffering and having to decide on what they do with their disposable income, added to the fact that the international race meet is usually held at the end of August,” Maloney said.
????He said the BPCI has an agreement with the Government whereby vendors have to be able to set up and sell and benefit from the facility, but obviously this cannot work as an exclusive arrangement and will change.
The BPCI chairman said the facility would be working to change its policy but no bottles or cans would be allowed in, as that is a safety issue.
The BPCI chairman said, too, that they would make the changes that are needed so that everyone would want to come to all events being held at Bushy Park. He called on everyone to be positive and everything would be okay.
“We are not beyond accepting that change is needed when things don’t work, and everything we do is done with the best of intentions,” he told club members in a letter recently.
Saying that the BPCI is sincere in its intentions, the chairman gave the assurance that all Barbadians will be proud when they get things running in a manner that works for everyone.
Also at issue, he said, patrons were not allowed to enter the facility during practice and he said that would change as well and asked them to “hang tight and the ride will get smoother and better for all”.