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PUDDING & SOUSE: She-wolf in sheep’s clothing

SHERRYLYN CLARKE, [email protected]

PUDDING & SOUSE: She-wolf in sheep’s clothing

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Confusion is reigning among some members of a church.
?Members of the church are disappointed in their “sister” who plays a key role in the church.
?This woman, who gained sympathy from some in the congregation when her husband left her a long time ago, is not gaining any support now that she seems determined to break up the marriage of one of her daughters.
?Members now understand why her husband left her.
Church members have come to realise that this church woman was never happy that her daughter had left home. She complained about not being given equal parental access to her grandchild, and that the husband always had her daughter under him as if she was in a prison.
?To gain sympathy, the church woman had been broadcasting untruths about the daughter’s husband.
?But while she is bragging that her runaway husband is back home, he says differently..
Members believe it’s time for the daughter to stop acting like the children she teaches and tell her parents to stop making malicious public statements on her behalf and show her mother that she is her own woman.
?Church members want to advise the quiet son-in-law to never allow the vindictiveness of his relatives to sway him from walking with Christ.
?They think it’s unfair for the miserable mother to take out the hurt her husband caused by seeking “the blessing” of a female priest on her unfortunate son-in-law. They conclude that many mothers would have thanked God to be his mother-in-law.
???West Side drama
??A married man is using a hotel on the West Coast like a brothel.
Some staff complain that this man is having sex with almost all the female staff.
One married female had the gall to say she had sex with him to get back at his wife who went on the job to confront this same bold woman, but she was running scared.
?The very well-spoken and well-dressed wife came to the hotel but this woman went into hiding.
She told all the staff that the wife made her look bad and she could no longer go back at the hotel where her husband works.
The wife wasn’t disrespectful but the woman is making a big fuss about the situation.
But there is concern now that this married man needs to see a doctor since he may be making other people sick.