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Bizzy: Dump waste tax

Sanka Price

Bizzy: Dump waste tax

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Dump the municipal solid waste tax which targets landowners, and replace it with an environmental levy, which every consumer would pay.
That’s the suggestion from Ralph “Bizzy” Williams, chairman of Sustainable Barbados Recycling Centre Inc., the major beneficiary of the revenue to be raised from the controversial tax.
Williams said he was speaking out because of concern over the growing dissent and agitation across the country over the tax.
His proposal, he added, was one way for Government to secure the revenue needed to deal with the problematic garbage situation and at the same time calm public anxiety.
Williams said an environmental levy on imports was the fairest and most equitable way for every Barbadian to contribute towards the disposal of the country’s waste. The money is collected at the ports of entry so Government is assured of receiving every cent, and the average homeowner would not be faced with a big bill.
“If you buy very little, that is you buy local food, take the bus and so on, you would not be affected by an environmental levy. [However], if you buy everything imported, you will rightfully carry your share of the cost of managing solid waste . . . . Government gets the money immediately and nobody has to write a big cheque,” said Williams.