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Chris: Give tax time

Sherie Holder-Olutayo

Chris: Give tax time

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Give it time!
That’s the message Minister of Finance Chris Sinckler tried to convey yesterday to those who have voiced their opposition and discontent over the new municipal solid waste tax.
“If there are aspects of the taxes that need to be adjusted, then we will adjust it going forward, but you need to give things time to work their way through,” Sinckler told the SUNDAY SUN in an interview.
“If you impose a tax today and because four or five groups say they don’t like the tax or it’s a bad tax and you come next week and change it you will constantly be changing taxes.”
Several groups, including the Barbados Labour Party, the Barbados Bar Association, the Barbados Chamber of Commerce (BCCI), the Barbados Hotel & Tourism Association, along with the Dairy and Beef Producers Association have been vociferous in their opposition to the tax, calling it “punishing” and an impediment or burden to sectors that are already struggling.