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CJ action

Sanka Price

CJ action

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The Barbados Bar Association may take Chief Justice Sir Marston Gibson to court.
In an unprecedented move, a resolution has been tabled for a special general meeting of the association on Thursday, seeking to empower its president to commence proceedings against Sir Marston for failing to hold meetings of the Judicial Council, of which he is chairman.
The council is responsible for the administration of the courts and formulating policy in relation to all matters affecting the performance of the courts. It is also mandated to keep under review matters of jurisdiction and procedure, administer legal aid, and prepare an annual budget for submission to the Minister of Finance.
The council should meet as often as its business requires, but not less frequently than once every quarter. And it is bound to prepare each calendar year a report on all matters relating to the administration of justice, outlining progress made and any problems anticipated.
That report should then be submitted to the Attorney General no later than March 31 of the year following the calendar year in respect of which the report is prepared, and that official “shall forthwith” table the report in Parliament.
The SUNDAY SUN understands no report from the council has been produced since 2008. Sir Marston took office on September 1, 2011.