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Hard times hitting fetes

BEA DOTTIN, [email protected]

Hard times hitting fetes

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Some Crop Over party faithful are again opting out of holding fetes blaming their decision on stiffling bureaucracy and rising costs.
The promoters suggested that the tax regime on the entertainment industry should be relaxed in order for the six-week national festival to continue and not just survive, but thrive.
A number of the popular fetes organisers are preferring to remain on the sidelines during the island’s massive celebration rooted in its tradition of thanksgiving for the end of the sugar cane crop season.
Party Central known for its unique house fetes, the Wet Fete organisers, Passion Network, FAS Entertainment which introduced the 12-hour nonstop feting concept 10-to-10 for the Berger Boyz and the indigenous Party Animalz front yard fetes are all out of the game; their last fetes two or three years ago.
FAS Entertainment director Al Gilkes, said cost played a major part in the halting of the event which had the BTI carpark in The City, as its home base and featured top soca acts from here, Trinidad, St Vincent and other islands. (AC/Green Bananas Media)