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Bull’s throat slashed

NATASHA BECKLES, [email protected]

Bull’s throat slashed

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A SMALL FARMER is distraught after the throat of her two-year-old bull was slashed.
However, she said the cow was a “fighter” and was able to survive since a veterinarian was able to suture the wound.
The woman, who has been involved in farming for two years, said the attack occurred in the wee hours of this morning.
It occurred at the Arch Hall, St Thomas lot which she shared with other neighbours who were involved in livestock farming.
The farmer was alerted of the incident around 6 a.m. by fellow farmers.
“[The perpetrator] couldn’t get as close as they wanted, and you can see the several knife marks. They probably cut the rope the same time and he got away and he came straight back home. We found the blood and we took [the police] to the area . . .,” she told the NATION.
“He is a fighter so he got away to live to tell the tale . . . He came back to where the other cows were [and] when we saw him he was eating.”
She added that the knife marks showed that the perpetrator knew what they were doing.
The farmer said she believed the person behind the attack had committed similar attacks prior to this one, and as such she wanted other farmers to be on the lookout and take extra care in securing their farms. (LW)