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Double challenge

SHERRYLYN CLARKE, [email protected]

Double challenge

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FORMER JUNIOR MONARCH and 2014 finalist in the Scotiabank Junior Calypso Monarch competition, Sammy G, is walking on a path where several of her predecessors have trod.
?She was on stage at the Gymnasium of the Garfield Sobers Sports Complex last night for the semi-finals of the MQI/Banks/LIME Pic-O-De-Crop competition and will be on again tonight for the finals of the junior competition.
Sammy G is in the league of the likes of Aziza, Mandisa, Sir Ruel and Khiomal who have advanced to the semi-finals of the Pic-O-De-Crop competition to battle with the adults while still juniors.
Except for Mandisa, all the others went on to do well in the finals of the adult competition and Sammy G would have been looking to do the same when she appeared at No. 6 in the semi-finals last night.
By the time the House of Soca singer hits the stage to see if she can add a second 13 to 18 junior title to her name at position five, she will already know if she stands a chance of competing in the big yard at Kensington Oval on August 1.
When the curtain opens at the Gym at 7 tonight, Mighty Make’da will set the pace for the eight to 12 finalists followed by Raanan, Black Beauty, Jade, Jatanya, Star-Fire, Kiki Boo and Dynamo.
Mighty KT is up first in the 13 to 18 category and Sparkle T is second, followed by Jamal Slocombe, RJ, Sammy G, DJ, Nubian Queen, Ah-Dee-Lah and De MC.
Two new monarchs will be crowned at the end of tonight since neither of the two monarchs from 2013 is eligible to defend.
All 17 finalists had a chance to iron out any flaws and make any other adjustments on Wednesday when they entertained a large and responsive mixed audience at the annual lunchtime concert at the Frank Collymore Hall.
The finalists in categories in order of appearance are:
??8 to 12:
Mighty Make’da (Calypso I Am), Raanan (No Daddy), Black Beauty (Day By Day), Star-Fire (Proud To Be Black), Jatanya (Brand Name), Jade (Tribute To Kerry-Ann Ifill), Kiki Boo (Doan Behave So) and Dynamo (Don’t Count Me Out).
13 to 18:
?Mighty KT (A Child’s Plea), Sparkle T (We Salute You Dads), RJ (School Boy Jam), Jamal Slocombe (Come Together), Sammy G (My Tribute), DJ (Rude Boy Anthem), Nubian Queen (My Song), A-Dee-Lah (De Letter) and De MC (Get It Out Ya Head). (YB)