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Mistress’ plan foiled

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Mistress’ plan foiled

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The big plans one woman had to embarrass her married lover’s wife have backfired.
Word reaching Pudding & Souse is that the mistress’ colleagues couldn’t contain their laughter after they heard that the plan to have the woman turn up at the same location he was to pick her up from did not go as planned.
The mistress called and bragged to the wife that she should come to a certain location to see that her husband was still seeing her even though they tried hard to keep it under the radar. When her lover turned up that night to pick her up and saw his wife waiting, he sped off and left the mistress running and panting as she tried to stop the car.
Needless to say, he never stopped and the mistress had to hail a taxi back home.
Her colleagues are whispering behind her back and laughing at the poor woman.
She who laughs last, laughs best…HAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!!!
Secret stranglehold
Knowing some dirty little secrets of a boss has landed one tractor driver, not in the hot seat, but in a cushy one.
The operator, who really should be working on the outside in the hot boiling son, is now working in a comfy office with A/C and all.
Even though he and the person he reports to are not on the best speaking terms and came to high words one day, the boss’ hands are tied for fear that the labourer spills all the beans on him.
This tractor man is not easy and has even been found in some shady areas about town puffing on the heavy stuff.
So powerless is the boss man that he can’t even get rid of him.
It’s a downright shame but that’s what happens when you have dirty little secrets that can’t come out.
From fiction to fact
The tell-all book saga continues!
The serial home wrecker and his adulteress mistress and fired former bank manager recently surfaced at a big event.
After this man vehemently denied even knowing the woman who once counted money as her living, he is now being seen all over town with her.
It’s turning out that this book is definitely not ficititious.
Well, well, well, whatever is done in the dark must see the light of day!
That’s the naked truth.