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FULL STORY: Tough lesson for Apache

Eric Smith

FULL STORY: Tough lesson for Apache

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DESPITE A BIG blunder on Friday night, Apache promises he’ll be back.
?Pic-O-De-Crop semi-finalist Sean Apache Carter yesterday described his having to walk off the stage soon after he started his first song in the competition as “a learning experience”.
?One of two members of the Experience Tent in this year’s competition, Apache had the audience wondering what had gone wrong when he suddenly left the stage during his song Cry Fuh De Children.
An experienced performer at this level, Apache has been in competition for the past decade and has reached the semi-finals on five previous occasions, the last being in 2011.
He said: “Because the start of the song did not have the traditional brass but started with keyboards, I had requested for the keyboards to be raised, which the sound guys had advised [against] at that stage.”
?“But I wanted to hear the keyboards so I would get my cue. When I was offstage I couldn’t hear too well, but when I came onstage the keyboards were a little too loud.
“I tried to be professional and worked through the song but at one stage I could hear the keyboards louder than I could hear myself and that threw me off. I felt it better to leave,” a disappointed but upbeat Apache said yesterday.
After his mishap, the singer and his management had an audience with the arbiter and the chief judge to request a chance to re-sing the song, but this was denied.
What went against Apache was that “immediately on realising that there was a problem I should have stopped”.
?In the circumstances his presentation was an “incomplete song”.
He declared: “My own request worked against me.”
?But this long-time member of the only Christian-based calypso tent remains undaunted.
“I feel encouraged for next year; I’m looking forward to next year. I’m disappointed about last [Friday] but I’ve already gotten over it,” he added.
He is grateful for all the support he has been getting throughout the season and particularly since the mix-up at the Gymnasium of the Garfield Sobers Sports Complex.
“I’m sure I’ve disappointed many people. I was really looking forward to delivering that song; it meant a lot to me and a lot of people. It’s a real emotional song, a true song. I would like to apologise to supporters but also like to thank them for their continued support and encouragement,” he added.
Noting that his backup singers would have worked equally hard if not harder than he did in preparing for his two songs, Apache said that despite knowing that he was out of the competition he decided to go out in the second half and do his De Missing Ship song.
It is to the future that he has turned his attention and promised: “I’ll give my best next time on I’m stage”.
The Experience Tent is holding a show at Massiah Street, St John, later this month and Apache is hoping to deliver the Paul Billboard Murrell-written song then as he had intended on Friday.