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DEAR CHRISTINE: Help give inmates a second chance

BEA DOTTIN, [email protected]

DEAR CHRISTINE: Help give inmates a second chance

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Dear Christine,
Greetings! We, the board of Prison Fellowship Barbados, have continued to provide for families especially the children of those incarcerated throughout the years.
Some weeks ago, we saw articles of two former inmates sharing their respective stories. We at Prison Fellowship Barbados are willing to assist wherever we can. We are willing to help them further their studies, provide them with job opportunities, food and shelter, until they reach a point  where they can help themselves. However, we do not have the facilities to properly conduct our venture.
Prison Fellowship Barbados needs all the help we can get to assist more of these former inmates. The property which we currently occupy is leased by Government but our conditions are very poor. However, we will continue to give food hampers, gifts at Christmas and on birthdays to the children of inmates and their families. We will assist wherever we can.
Prison Fellowship Barbados is a non-profit charitable organisation. We depend on donations and a monthly contribution by our volunteers to assist us. We would love Government and private companies to get on board with us [and lend further assistance].
Each individual deserves a second chance. If a man cannot provide for his family, it makes him do the unthinkable. We at Prison Fellowship Barbados need all the help and support to assist them.
– Thomas Watts, Executive director, PFB
Dear Thomas Watts,
You have addressed your letter to Dear Christine which makes me believe you hope it would encourage individuals or maybe corporate Barbados to reach out and lend a helping hand.
You are correct that each one deserves a second chance; a second lease on life.
I hope kind-hearted individuals will read this letter and respond positively to your urgent plea to lend assistance so that men and women who were previously incarcerated can find their rightful places in society. I also hope that you will be blessed with a building of some sort from which you can operate efficiently and effectively.
While you have signed your name, making it easy for individuals to contact you directly, I will also pass the names of individuals who respond directly to you.