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Move to cut Kadoo cost for juniors

Carlos Atwell

Move to cut Kadoo cost for juniors

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Junior?Kadooment bandleaders say they are doing whatever is necessary to absorb costs so as not to pass them on to revellers.
From fund-raising to giving costumes away, many said they were doing their part in the recession to keep children on the road, with costs varying from $90 per costume to $210, with numerous specials on offer.
Producer/designer of Kids On The Move, Yasmin Vlahakis, told the DAILY?NATION yesterday that putting a children’s band on the road was a labour of love and not about the money.
“Our prices should have gone up but this is done out of love. [It] has never materialised into a money-making venture,” she said, adding their cost was all-inclusive.
So much so that Vlahakis said they actually gave some of their costumes away for free, specifically to special needs children or to families who simply could not afford a costume for their little ones.