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Diamonds sharpening its image

BEA DOTTIN, [email protected]

Diamonds sharpening its image

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It may be a tough economic climate, but one Bridgetown business is prepared to ride out the wave with upgrades to its façade and attendant training to sharpen the edges of its sales staff.
“Business is not easy, but we are not giving up. We are there for the challenge,” managing director of Diamonds International Jacob Hassid told BARBADOS BUSINESS AUTHORITY.
He was upbeat about business prospects as the company launched the 2014 Breitling watch collection in the Palm Courtyard in Limegrove Lifestyle Centre recently, with swimsuit-clad models from the Agua Bendita store parading the range of new styles.
It was an opportunity to preview watches that had not yet been unveiled to the wider market.
Hassid said the event was an indication of his company’s determination to forge ahead and maintain its performance despite any challenges.
“We have seen inconsistencies which makes it a little bit more to manage, but as you can see with this event, we are buying the new collection of the brand that we represent, we are pretty much doing the same thing, just trying to be consistent.
“We  continue to keep the sharpness of our sales people… we are still sending our sales people overseas to train with the various brands as we have done every single year.”
Hassid also disclosed plans to upgrade the façade of Diamonds International on Broad Street. “We are trying to create an experience on Broad Street” he said. (GC)