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LOOKA LEW: Crying over tax bill


LOOKA LEW: Crying over tax bill

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If a man cries, is he being girly?
That is what I was asked. Now I ain’t talking ’bout the type of crying you do at your mother’s funeral, when you know it’s the last time you will see her. Or the type of crying you would do if you heard a loved one passed away.
Now if a woman watching a picture and it reaches a very emotional scene, she does start to cry. So I want to know if it is okay for a man to be watching a movie and start to cry too.
You see, a woman asked me that question the other day, ’cause apparently when Brazil get them tails whipped in the just concluded World Cup, her boyfriend went in the toilet and cry.
Now I have heard a story about a man breaking down in tears after he returned to his car which was parked in a car park in town and found that someone had reversed, damaged his vehicle and left the scene. That car was like a wife to him, and he could not believe what someone had done to his “wife”.
I also heard ’bout a man who had a lovely Afro, and he used to got his hair plait, and one night a li’l child at the house waited till he was sleeping and cut off every plait with a scissors, and that man cried like his mother did dead.
So when the girl ask me if I does cry when I watching pictures or if my favourite sports team had to lose badly, I told her no, ’cause I does be watching pictures and looking at how the actors interpret the script, looking at the directing, costumes, background music and all kinda things.
And with sports, I does always feel that some kinda match-fixing gine on, plus these people is big millionaires who really don’t care if I live or dead.
Then she asked me if I don’t cry at all. Well like most men, I told her I get some horns already in my life that bring water to my eyes, but generally I don’t just cry so. However, there have been instances that had me on the brink of shedding a tear.
For example, have you ever hit your li’l toe on the edge of piece o’ furniture? I talking ’bout while walking through the house bare foot your li’l toe hit a chair leg and felt like it get rip off. Now tell me if that does don’t got you feel like you would cry.
’Cause let me tell you, when it happen to me I does feel like crying. The only reason I don’t cry is because somebody does be usually around. And one of the main reasons I does feel like crying, is because I can’t hit back the chair and cause it pain.
God would have to tell me that the chair or piece o’ furniture don’t step in the way and purposely hit my toe when it sees me coming.
And nowadays when I see the postman coming with the bills, I does also feel like crying. I received my solid waste bill tax bill last week, when I opened it water settled in my eyes. And now I hear that water and electricity might soon go up too.
Big men are not supposed to cry, right? Wunna making sport, ’cause let me tell you, I gine in de toilet and cry right now.
See ya.
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