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FLYING FISH & COU COU: Marched after all

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FLYING FISH & COU COU: Marched after all

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Reverend Charles Morris may need to read Deuteronomy 31:6 as he tries to make his way through these interesting times.
But for another man from the north whose vantage point allows him to look down on many all across The City we will have to contemplate another verse.
For he acts as if he were King David not at all discreet in his undertakings. For he gives not a whole day’s work but demands a full day’s pay. His time is spent on Facebook stabbing his former colleagues from George Street and sending out biting emails.
So on the fifth day of the week as if he were ready for a play in the hall, there he appeared bedecked in his white and ready for his part in the play: The freedom march.
He participated in all the acts of the play from the exposition to the rising action to the climax.
And his boss, another short man from the north did not understand the resolution and denouncement of it all.
Yet, this is a place which we look up to both literally and figuratively.
They should both read 11 Corinthians 8:21.
The real snake
He may not be very familiar with  those title characters in Robert Louis Stevenson’s thriller Strange Case Of Dr Jekyll And Mr Hyde because it is not the stuff which he reads, but there is a certain short man who rather associates himself with a reincarnated Desert Fox.
After jumping up and down and all over the place especially in the hills and valleys where the fresh Atlantic breeze can be so reinvigorating, this runt has announced like John King’s calypso: “I’m back”.
But the people are warning he will not find favour and can only cause further frictions and divisions at the grand old party.
Many are already pointing to all that he did in his futile attempt to overthrow the real sheriff who rules in the sliding valleys and on the slopes.
Certainly, his harsh remarks made less than 20 months ago will not be lost on two other short men like himself who like to consider themselves as loyal to the cause and men with conviction.
So no amount of kowtowing to the Queen of Sheba may help. And talking about snakes in the grass. Well he’s already being described as a slither serpent.
Demise of a yardfowl
Political minions never seem to learn from the errors of others. Such is the case with one carpenter who is today blue vex after having worked his voice, hands and feet to the max to help a certain politician with some looks. He was there for this political upstart in good times and bad times. So when the politician had to go to the hospital, he was the driver. He canvassed hard and long and took his position very seriously.
He after all followed in the footsteps of his dear dad who was not only passionate about his party but a zealot.
So when the politician secured victory there was joy, especially since the promise was to build a spanking property.
The operative ensured that many things were in place and looked for his reward to come in the form of a contract.
But he has been left in the west catching a cold recognising the message, no buy no. The politician’s seat is secure while the political yard fowl is cussing every day from Hastings up Rendezvous and in parts of Brittons Hill. He better be careful he doesn’t damage his teeth cause dentists don’t work for free.
Not a stroke he drives
The  Bar Association has kicked some dust. At least there has been some action.
But to whom will the public turn for help with the tall, cool one.
Placed in a cushy job by the late sweet cakes, the only action on his part is to walk up and down the main thoroughfare
Or spend lots of time in the nearby gaming hall. Yet, no one hears of his  actions nor of any results.
No wonder many call it the office of the toothless bulldog.