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Super show


Super show

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IT WAS NOT A COMPETITION. And it was more than a fantastic show.
It was a perfect display of local talent that we seem willing to accept as a natural rhythm of our everyday lives only when Crop Over comes around, preferring to be driven, during the rest of the year, by the latest musical craze coming from overseas.
We can thank the Crop Over Festival for a healthy body of work it has given birth to over the years. New life was breathed into it with the staging of VOB 40th Anniversary Crop Over Monarchs In Concert at the National Stadium last Friday night.
An argument is that the average Barbadian gives a cool response to their music. And those who drive the local music industry used that to push the idea that vintage means 40-year-old country and western songs coming from the belly of the United States of America or remakes by John Holt and Ken Lazarus of Jamaica.
Out of that thinking, Bajan music is never able to build on its foundation and gets token exposure by those who are in a position to make a difference.
But the thousands who attended the anniversary celebrations should engender a measure of confidence in the deejays that if they play it, Bajans will respond positively to it.
The acts were phenomenal and showed that local past calypso still stands on strong legs. And, yes, too that the future, based on what was delivered by the current entertainers who also appeared, is well taken care.
The acts, linked by emcees Mac Fingall and Patrick Gollop, were exceptional in rendition and stagecraft: from veterans Romeo, Destroyer, Grynner, Gabby, RPB, Serenader, John King, Ras Iley, Adonijah to the more modern turks like AC, Alison, Blood, Ian Webster, Soka Kartel – the commendation “well done” is in order.
Rita’s Can’t Party, one of the classics, stood out for its infectiousness and relevance.
There was no doubt what took place last Friday was an example of excellent Bajan musical expression.
Congrats also to the musicians, arrangers and supporting technical/sound staff for their part in pulling off an event conceptualised by bandleader David Weatherhead.
Maybe we can do it again next year. We still have Director, PJ, De Devil, Madd, Pompey, Observer and many others that can add to the show.
Now it is on to building a Bajan music industry not necessarily on calypso alone, but on the different genres that can go places with that Bajan accent.
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