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Wife won’t have sex with me

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Wife won’t have sex with me

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Dear Christine,
I need your help desperately. I was married a few months ago and my wife now refuses to have sex with me. One minute she is claiming illness, and the next that she is not ready.
I have my doubts because she had lovers before me who got sex on demand. Now, she is refusing me, who is her husband.
Christine, the thought of committing adultery does not appeal to me because I want my marriage to last. I have tried my hardest to persuade her but without any luck.
Christine, I know that sex is not all but it is important. I do not think a man should have to beg his wife to have sex with him the way I have been begging my wife. The thing that hurts is that we have only been married for a short while.
Do you think there could be someone else? Please help me find the answer to this problem.
– L.N.
Dear L.N.,
There is a sure way to discover the truth. If your wife is ill, a doctor should be able to confirm this. If she is turned off sex or sex with you, you have a real problem on your hands.
There could be a number of reasons for her refusal. Maybe you are not able to arouse her. Perhaps she is not giving you a chance to. Are you sure your wife is keen on keeping the marriage together? If she is not, I am afraid there won’t be any hope in that department.
One thing is certain: there is definitely a reason why she is refusing you and the only way you’ll have a chance of solving the problem is by getting her to talk about it.
I think you’ll be making a mistake if you accuse her of having another man. Strange as this may seem to you and others, a woman does not have to have a man and a man does not necessarily have to have a woman.