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Shot dead on block

Yvette Best

Shot dead on block

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A St Michael community was plunged into mourning late yesterday evening.
One of the young men, who bravely stepped forward to assist when fire struck the Richmond Gap community a few weeks ago, was gunned down while he was out on the block sitting at the dominoes table.
Dead is Jermaine Harper, 26, whose body was lying face down in Wilkinson Road, a mere ten minutes after he finished speaking to a close friend who did not want to be identified.
Harper did not have a steady job, but sold clothes on occasion. He was reportedly having a discussion with a woman about getting clothes on her next trip to England.
“The last thing I told him was God be with you,” the woman who still trying to process the tragedy said.
“I still can’t believe Jermaine down there pon de ground dey laying down,” the other woman said.
His mother Nancy Forde said the third of her six children greeted her when she got home from work just after 5 p.m. yesterday, and about half hour later someone woke her from dozing to tell her Jermaine had been shot. She said she scrambled to put back on the clothes she had worn to work and rushed the short distance to the scene.