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Horned by sexy tenant

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Horned by sexy tenant

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I am a professional woman in my early 40s who have been in a relationship for the last seven years. I never had any doubts that I was in a loving and secure relationship with a partner that I loved and trusted and who I thought loved and trusted me.
That all changed a few months ago when I received an anonymous phone call telling me that my partner was sleeping with someone.
Since that day I have been depressed, I have no appetite and I am unable to sleep at nights.
I also cry for no reason. I am talking about what happened to me so it can help as a form of therapy that will help me to feel better about myself and this situation.
My partner was made redundant from his job a year ago and he decided to rent out some rooms. I agreed with this suggestion until I realised he was acting suspiciously whenever the identity of one of his would-be tenants came up. After the person moved in, I realised that it was a woman who he had told me months earlier he thought was interested in him. He said she was always flirting with him when he was liming with the
boys on weekends.
For weeks we argued about this woman moving in until he finally convinced me that it was just a way for him to get an income, but his only interest in her was as a tenant.
I was always suspicious of her motives. She was a non-national on a three-year year contract. At the time of her move to one of the room she had been living here for about two years. As her company was paying for her accommodations, I knew that she could live anywhere in the island. I therefore found it strange that she wanted to move after two years and moved into a small room. I ignored my instincts that were screaming something was wrong with this move and trusted what my partner told me.
That trust in my partner proved to be my mistake. I learnt later that my partner was seen at events with this woman for months and I did not have a clue. After she moved into the room, he stopped doing his regular weekend activities and just spent his time with her.
They partied together on weekends, they went to the supermarket together, and he took her to and collected her from the airport every month as her company paid for her to go home once a month. She even drove his vehicle to work on a regular basis even though she had a vehicle.
 I thought this behaviour was more than tenant-landlord behaviour. In fact it looked to me like this was the behaviour of a couple. However, when I brought it up I was told that I was jealous and insecure because he was being a good landlord.
With all of this evidence before me, I still thought everything was good in our relationship because I trusted my man. The phone call made me examine my relationship with my partner and I could not recall seeing any signs over the months to suggest that what this person was telling me was true. As I expressed my doubt on what the person was telling me the person on the phone supplied me with proof.
In total disbelief I monitored the situation for a week and realised everything the person told me was true. When my partner came over to my house later that night the first thing I blurted out was: “are you sleeping with your tenant?” He kept denying it until I repeated the dates, times, and locations that the person on the phone had provided.
He finally admitted it was true. He said the woman was there and with the amount of time they spent together it was going to happen sooner or later. I told him she had to leave and his response was he would not ask her to leave.
I asked him to leave my house and we have not spoken since that night. I learnt later that she bought some land that he was selling. I believe I did the right thing when I told him to leave but I am so hurt at this time. I know that the hurt will eventually stop but right now I am not sure how to deal with it.
 I feel like an idiot for not having a clue that this was happening right under my nose and I did not see the signs.
I knew she wanted my man and her move was just a way to help her achieve her goal. And her plan worked. She used her living arrangement to get my man to sleep with her.
To my ex-partner and his tenant, I hope that your relationship is worth the pain that you both put me through.