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Waiting on married man to leave wife

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Waiting on married man to leave wife

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Dear Christine,
I PAY LONG VISITS to your lovely island each month and as a result, have made many friends. There is, however, one person who stands out above all others whom I met when I first came six years ago.
We had a wonderful time and when I returned home, we exchanged many loving letters. On my third visit I learnt he was married. Although he swears that he loves me, he has also admitted that he cares for his wife and children.
I tried ending the relationship then, but a visit from him when I returned home started things all over again. He promised then he’ll try and get a divorce as the marriage was falling apart. Now I am here it is a different story. For one thing he has not been in contact and I am desperately unhappy and really miss him.
I got to the point where I did not care if he did not break up his marriage.
– M.K.
Dear M.K.,
I am not sure what you want to hear from me. Certainly you don’t think that I am going to develop a strategy to help you win this man over and break up a family.
It seems to me as though this man has come to recognise that your relationship with him was a risky one; one which can hurt his wife and children. It is also very possible that his love is not as lasting as yours.
Your unhappiness should create in you a determination to accept the fact that the relationship has come to an end. It is also very sad and will naturally be painful for you, but you need to come to terms with this situation.