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DEAR CHRISTINE: Tell your girl to pack up and go

BEA DOTTIN, [email protected]

DEAR CHRISTINE: Tell your girl to pack up and go

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Dear Christine,
I am 30-years-old and I have been with my girlfriend for the past three years. During that time I have never been unfaithful. Almost every day my girlfriend would tell me that she is going to visit a friend or that she is going to visit her sister.
On most occasions when I check with the sister, she would tell me that my girlfriend left a long time ago.
This woman comes home all hours of the night and I cannot reason with her. She does not want to listen to me. A few weeks ago she said she was going by her sister for a few days. The day she was due back home she did not come back. I was then made to understand that she slept at a fellow she is seeing.
The sister told me she had left early to go home. She came home one day later. When I asked her if she just came from her sister she told me “yes”. I knew then for sure that she has been telling me lots of lies.
When her sister also questioned her she said she slept at a friend.
Christine, I give this woman almost every cent I work for, yet she has the nerve to bring a photograph of this man and his telephone number in my house.
When I saw her in public with the same man, she accused me of getting on foolish.
Christine, whatever you tell me to do I will do. I am finding it hard to sleep at night. This woman is still in my house and I do not want to harm her in any way. How much can a man take?
– L.L.
Dear L.L.,
If you truly follow my suggestion I believe you’ll be fine. Here’s what you should do: ask the young woman to leave your house.
That provocation she is putting you through can make any saint erupt. When she leaves you will hurt for a while, but it’s better to hurt for a while than to end up in prison because of the provocation.
If she sees you’re not prepared to put up with things as they are, she will also realise that the one she is meeting is not worth giving you up for. As it is right now, they may both be eating off of the fat of your land and no relationship can thrive on that sort of deception.
Ask her to leave and even offer to help her to pack her things so she can do so.