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FLYING FISH AND COU COU: Political tsunami in the making

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FLYING FISH AND COU COU: Political tsunami in the making

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THERE IS NOTHING unusual about two people who know each other pretty well, sitting together sharing a meal. Even if it is only fried rice or a bowl of won ton soup.
There is also nothing untoward about this happening despite the fact that politically they are on opposing sides. After all, some of Barbados’ political class are known to have best friends that are not in their party.
In fact, they regularly go out drinking and eating together socially after just trading political punches in Parliament or from separate platforms.
That said, though, the meal shared by two political foes on Sunday afternoon at a Christ Church location was far from usual.
So unusual and unexpected that tongues are wagging at the highest levels across the country about the significance of it and its implications.
One yardfowl who spoke to Cou Cou about the event said his side is at a total loss of what to make of it, stating if these two could gel it would be akin to a political tsunami in Barbados.
And to make his point he said, first, both are not even known to be acquaintances outside of the political arena, far less friends.
And the public statements they have made about each other in the past suggest they genuinely didn’t appreciate each other, even though they may grudgingly recognise the other’s political potency.
Second, these guys are from different generations and, judging from what they have said publicly, differ philosophically as much as chalk and cheese are separate and distinct entities.
Third, and most important, these guys’ naturally strong, dominant personalities suggest it would be extremely difficult for them to work together as a team.
Besides that, those close to both have often scoffed at the professional suggestions made by the other, so any coming together of the two would seem highly unlikely.
But from what Cou Cou has been told by an insider to one of the men, the old adage “the enemy of my enemy is my friend”.
Based on what he is suggesting the two have resolved that they should work together to foil the aspirations of their common foe.
Maybe this could be behind the ominous statement made two days later. If this is indeed the case, we wonder how a certain toothless political canine will take this move, as well as the inspiring individual looking to grab the number one slot.
With all these machinations, Bajans are in for some very tumultuous times ahead.
?Info by email
DOESN’T THE PUBLIC matter anymore?
That’s the question being asked in some circles following the circulation of an email among the crème de la crème of society from an equally very important person.
What has raised eyebrows about the matter is the nature of the communication from this VIP following his non-communication, as per usual, with the masses.
Based on what Cou Cou has been able to gather, the nature of the email would have been similar to the explanations this VIP would have given if he had done what he has been doing through the years.
What’s more, he is promising to send out these emails monthly to keep these privileged few informed.
No wonder those in the know are questioning how this VIP could send out an email to only a select few people, but ignore the vast majority of Bajans and their hunger for information.