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Fighting spirit

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Fighting spirit

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The friendly rivalry between “KFC” and “barber fish” continues.
After last month’s competition at Pile Bay, Spring Garden, St Michael, between that community and the nearby Danesbury, the two were back at it yesterday under mostly sunny skies. Even more activities are up for the ultimate prize: bragging rights.
Organiser Akeila Chapman told the DAILY NATION that soccerama, football juggling, tug-o-war, swim races and 50-metre dashes on the beach have been included for the second edition. The first competition between Danesbury and Pile Bay was held on July 20.
“[People from] Pile Bay and Danesbury like competing against each other, and this is also a way to keep the communities together,” she said.
“Usually by [the afternoon] people are already off the beach. This helps them to stay on the beach a little longer . . . and we say it is KFC versus Barber Fish because those from Danesbury have a KFC [branch] close by, while we like to eat barber fish down here in Pile Bay.”
Chapman explained the day of competition started out of a tit-for-tat about which community was better at various sports until a group of them decided to put it to the test.
“Some guys were arguing about who was better at what, so we decided to take some music down to the beach and compete against each other. But I must say that there are some talented people from the communities,” she said.
Music pounded from the speakers as scores of supporters took in the action or watched the children playing along the shore. Some of the older men were in deep concentration on the dominoes board.
Chapman added that the numbers had grown since last month, and they hope to host similar activities each month.
The next day of fun and fierce contest will be held sometime before school resumes in September. (LW)
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