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Are we too old to be intimate?

rhondathompson, [email protected]

Are we too old to be intimate?

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Dear Christine,
I am past the age of 72 and my wife is seven years older than I am. We met and hit it off very well and within months we were married. 
I am not capable of the full act of intercourse but we both enjoy the intimacy. She says she enjoys it and is always ready to repeat the experience. I have to believe she does enjoy it.
Is it normal for folks our age to behave this way, and will it be all right if we continue?
I am one of those people who believe that whatever enjoyment a husband and wife find within a marriage, they should continue doing.
If your wife says she enjoys it, and encourages continuing it, there is no reason not to believe her. Listen to her if she ever hints that something is less
than satisfying
 because there may be ways to make sex more comfortable or enjoyable for her.
Ageing people have to modify their sexual activities in various ways. Arthritic joints and frailer bones won’t stand for vigorous intercourse, for instance. A lubricant may be needed. Much foreplay and afterplay may become the chief pleasures of the sensual intimacy, but there is no harm in your being together in this way and it is entirely normal for people of every age to need sexual intimacy.

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