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Housing OK


Housing OK

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THERE IS NO housing problem in Barbados, says Chief Town Planner Mark Cummins.
During a lecture on Monday entitled Building Sustainable Urban Communities in Barbados, at the Urban Development Commission (UDC) on Bridge Street, The City, Cummins said there was a greater demand for building houses than there were people to actually live in them.
“We have a population growth rate that is very, very small . . . but when you look around Barbados and the amount of development applications that we see in the planning office, especially for residential development, it begs the question where are we going to find the people to live in all of these residential spaces we are seeking to create.
“I continue to say there is no housing problem in Barbados, there is no shortage of land. We have people who would go and buy a plot of land for a child three months old and the chances are no one will build on that land for 25 years,” he said.