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Look to testing


Look to testing

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IN?AN?EFFORT?to rebrand the sport and enhance its image, drug testing could be introduced in road tennis in the near future.
President of the Professional Road Tennis Association (PRTA), Dale Clarke, hinted that drug testing and standard clothing will be an integral part of the future as well as expelling players and spectators for the use of marijuana and other drugs at courtside.
“We have to understand the importance of the sport and its image, because no one is going to feel comfortable bringing their children to road tennis and having cigarette or marijuana smoke. If the sport is really ours, we have to understand what we have and the potential of it.
“Eventually, I want to get drug testing into road tennis. The time will come when at any point during a tournament, we will subject players to drug testing. We have to develop the sport and set a standard. Road tennis has to be rebranded,” Clarke warned.