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LOOKA LEW: Bajan women fattest?

SHERRYLYN CLARKE, [email protected]

LOOKA LEW: Bajan women fattest?

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It is official: Barbados got the fattest women in the whole world and other places.
?Now before I get in trouble, first let me clear my hand, it ain’t me who say so, cause I does be very careful how I use the “F” word (fat) around my Bajan women. But I peep in the SUNDAY SUN and that was the first thing that salute me.
Some international publication called the Economic Pocket World of 2014, did some research and came to the conclusion, that out of the million and one countries in the world, Bajan women were the fattest.
Them say 57.2 per cent of Bajan women were obese, that is more than half, in second position was Kuwait (or is it Kuweight?), then Trinidad, then America. Now you know if we women fatter than the Americans we in some serious trouble, cause I does consider them the land of the big mamas.
That is a country where greasy foods reign supreme and people does eat non-stop. You could crawl out your bed at three in the morning and find some place selling pizza, ribs, fry fowl and some kinda nice tasting grease.
Anyhow, I have done a fair set of travelling, and I ain’t so sure I would consider Bajan women to be all that fat when I compare them with women in other countries. Yes, we got one or two that slightly fluffy, but generally I would say we women look good.
You see, these people standards for fat different to mine and most Bajan men. I does see some international models on TV and in magazines that I would like to call aside and give them a $10 and tell them go and buy food.
These women does be all skin, bones and lipstick, and these international magazines does be talking bout how good these women look.
Meanwhile, I staring at these women and saying how starve out them look, how them would do with a good bowl o’ Bajan soup, or some corn meal pap every morning and a regular cou-cou and steam fish.
Seriously, I don’t know if wunna ever took a good look at the women who these people does say look good. Women jaws squeeze in like them sucking limes, fingers like macaroni, botsie flat like a sheet o’ plywood and got two legs like hoe sticks. Them is the people who these international magazines and publications does consider to look good. I even read one last month that said women’s tennis star Serena Williams was fat.
When you could look at me and tell me that Serena Williams is fat, it means that you either smoke too much o’ something, drink too much of something or should be admitted to the Mental Hospital, because in Barbados them is the kinda women that men like to see.
For we, too fat is when you can’t get in the bus. And I realise too, that a lot of these international people got issues with botsie. From the time a woman got a lil protrusion in the southern region them does consider her fat.
Look, I understand that obesity is a serious thing and is linked to stroke, heart disease and diabetes, so I am not trying to downplay it. I also understand that you need to eat properly and exercise.
Yes, the people say we got the fattest women in the world, but I bet them ain’t gine tell you who got the sweetest women in the world, cause we done know; Barbados, of course!
See ya.
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