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Summer camps keep youth busy

NATASHA BECKLES, [email protected]

Summer camps keep youth busy

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SUMMER CAMPS around the island have found unique ways to educate and entertain the nation’s children this year, albeit with smaller budgets.
Coordinator at the national summer camp being held at the A. Dacosta Edwards Primary School, David Goring, said recycling efforts and the use of volunteers has allowed the camp to trim costs where possible.
“Older people from the community saw the usefulness and decided to give back,” he said this morning at the camp’s open day. It ran for five weeks.
Used newspapers, PET bottles, metal cans, toilet paper rolls, metal cans and burlap sacks were repurposed into various craft items.
Over at the Sharon Moravian Church’s Vacation Bible School, the emphasis was on service to others.
“We want to include all aspects of service, not only those which are church-related,” Vacation Bible School coordinator Tara Blackman said this afternoon. The camp began this month and will go on for three weeks.
Service was also the guiding force between the six-week summer cosmetology programme offered by Barbados Cosmetology School, now in its sixth year.
“It was started because I wanted to help younger women,” owner Pearl Francois said.
“The course teaches them the basics, that way they have a skill that they can make a little extra money. If they decide to do it later as a career, they will already have a feel for it.” (LW)