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FLYING FISH & COU COU: Quick status puzzling

BEA DOTTIN, [email protected]

FLYING FISH & COU COU: Quick status puzzling

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A distraught man wants to know how a non-national woman could get immigration status here after less than five years in residence, but yet has not been married or whose profession does not qualify her for a CARICOM work permit.
The St Michael man, who admitted he was the woman’s friend for some time before they separated earlier this year, is curious to find out too if the $2 500 she had asked him for to assist her to get papers to stay here would have helped her achieve status.
He is also wondering how Caribbean women who come here, work in certain questionable jobs and tend to be friendly with local men, are seemingly able to become “legal” without a lot of hassles.
He is calling for an investigation on such matters by the Government to ensure no hanky pankying is going on.
The woman in charge wanted another woman. At least, that was what was being said for years.
So certain it seemed that the female boss would get her way like she did in another place that people started sizing up the younger woman for the future role that the leader had in mind.
But, alas, that changed this week when a man had to be given the nod.
Events unfolded in such a way that the female boss had little choice but to go with the man and ignore her first choice.
Those in the know told Cou Cou the odds were so heavily stacked against the leader that she had no choice but to go with the majority view. If she didn’t, she risked the ire of upsetting a whole bunch of people. Not only that, such an action would have played into the hands of those who say she does not listen and likes to have her own way.
Question for ministers
Thw word on the street is that people from overseas are more important than locals, and those who say this point to what happened at the recent diaspora conference.
Tongues are wagging about the number of ministers who came together as a Cabinet to field questions from those gathered at the conference.
The question those unhappy about it are wondering is, why can’t the same ministers come together and make themselves available for questions by the public?
Is it a case that they are afraid of the tough questions they would face, or is it that they don’t have to bother with locals’ views at this time as general elections are years off?
Invitation only
A certain neophyte politico reportedly clashed with someone linked to his political boss when he attended an event recently.
From what Cou Cou was told, the neophyte was asked why he was at the event since he had not been invited. Besides that, since he allegedly supports another faction of the party and is not supportive of the present leader, why would he turn up at the event?
According to what was reported, the neophyte and the woman came to high words on the matter so much so it caught the attention of the guests.
The unseemly spectacle ended when the neophyte left the event.
The question now being asked is whether this neophyte will be a one-contest wonder.