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Former Transport Board workers will be paid by month-end

SHERRYLYN CLARKE, [email protected]

Former Transport Board workers will be paid by month-end

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DISMISSED TRANSPORT BOARD workers will get their severance payment by August 29.
That promise came from the board’s top brass – chairman Anthony Wiltshire and general manager Sandra Forde – after nearly 30 workers angrily marched onto the Weymouth, St Michael headquarters of the board this morning, protesting the non-payment of their severance.
The vocal group made up of former drivers, cashiers and others who were dismissed in March and only paid their vacation salary and monies in lieu of notice, remained there for about two hours before Wiltshire, Forde and Lynda Holder, marketing and communications manager, met with them on the outside.
Forde explained the long wait saying they were in discussion with Minister of Transport and Works Michael Lashley, on the matter. She apologised for the late payment of the severance and announced some of the money would be advanced for payment by August 29.
The workers were not satisfied with this explanation however and vocally made it clear they wanted all of their money.
“I got bills to pay and I got children to send to school,” said one vociferous woman who was joined in similar denunciation of the announcement by some of the other dismissed workers. (MB)