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Seaweed plight

Heather-Lynn Evanson

Seaweed plight

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The volume of sargassum seaweed approaching the island’s beaches is growing daily and appears to be coming from a different direction than expected.
But, said one local expert, scientists have no idea why.
As the island grapples with the problem that has turned its pristine white sandy shores, from Enterprise in Christ Church, Bath Beach in St John to River Bay, St Lucy, into brown, smelly stretches, the expert, who declined to be named because the person was were not authorised to speak to the media, said scientists were investigating the phenomenon.
The specialist explained that the seaweed, which originated in the North Atlantic Sargasso Sea, was usually brought to the region on the ocean’s prevailing currents.
And usually, the expert said, some was seen during the summer months.

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