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Scared to date with my size

rhondathompson, [email protected]

Scared to date with my size

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I AM TOO SHY for sex because I am small down there. The last time I tried, the lady looked at me and laughed and I have not dated for the past year. Please talk to me about this situation.
– M.B.
Dear M.B.,
Why haven’t you dated for the past year? After all, on a date the pants do not have to come down or off. 
In the case with your last date, if a grown person does not know which teases or which jokes are harmful and cruel, then we have an ignorant, stupid, heartless individual.
I am no doctor, neither am I an expert on male or female organs, but it so happens that any size male organ is, in all but very rare cases, adequate for sex. However, in the male mind this dimension can take on exaggerated importance. It is probably worse than a woman’s self-destructive idea that her breasts are too small or too big, because she does not know that with non-standard breasts she can still function sexually.
The man questions his capacity to make love in its entirety if he thinks he is “too small”. And he is hard to encourage or persuade to think differently.
So what? This emphasis on size is unreal nonsense, having nothing to do with the physical potential for sexual pleasure and satisfaction, given and received. If a guy will go without a date for ten years because of the size of his penis, logic does not prevail here.
To overcome your negative feelings you have to take the word of those in the medical field; many men with average or smaller organs [perhaps than yours] are married and having good sex lives with their partners; women give pleasure and take it. So it can’t all be about size.
You may even be surprised at the high percentage of women who do not even need penetration to reach an orgasm, so what’s your fear? Do you honestly believe you are the only person in the whole wide world whom God chose to give a small penis to?
I wish that you would join all those happy husbands who are enjoying life with their partners. They may have bad days at the office, they may have all kinds of real life problems, but their sex lives are a wonderful compensation. They take and give sexual pleasure.
Why do you have to be outside this group? Take time looking for your mate. In fact, you may be surprised to discover that some women actually run from guys whose penises they consider too large. So, there you are!
Don’t you also know that some men with much bigger penises than perhaps what you may have also believe they have problems finding the “right woman”, one who will be able to relate to their size penis without any difficulty?
Take time looking for your mate. Do not go back to low-key dating with women who are looking for casual sexual encounters and a centerfold male model, but search for those who are looking for a real mate. When the right time comes for your sexual experience, make sure your partner knows about your fears and find ways to please her other than actually having sexual intercourse.
If you keep on thinking you are too small, you will even lose the ability to function sexually, so you have got to put that belief out of your mind altogether.
I honestly hope that someday this crazy attitude about organ size will disappear from the minds of both men and women.