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Showing an Arte Farte side

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Showing an  Arte Farte side

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There is serious drama unfolding in St Lawrence Gap and this one is not to be missed.
The Gap Theatre brings an innovative blend of performing and visual arts to Barbados that director Amanda Cumberbatch refers to as “a process of devised theatre”, a fusion of theatre and art. Down In The Arte Farte Gully effectively blurs the line between artist and audience, deviating from the confines of a traditional theatrical stage, in a setting that features intricate and intense original artwork.
The set, created by acclaimed artist and production designer Ewan Atkinson, features artwork by the cast of actors and singers who are recognised visual artists.
The series of large format posters printed by Imageworx helps create a background that senior creative coordinator Randy Phillips called “intriguing and mysterious” while noting that the size of the prints contributed towards achieving the desired effect. 
Phillips added that Imageworx was pleased to be affiliated with the production, as the company, part of the Nation Publishing Co. Limited, had long supported the local creative arts.
“We are pleased that Imageworx was given the opportunity to produce the artistic material for Down In The Arte Farte Gully,” he said. “But it is more than that. We are delighted to support this visionary production that brings the disappearance of Barbadian folklore to the forefront and tackles the need to protect this aspect of our Bajan culture head on.”
Phillips’ sentiments were shared by Cumberbatch. The director addressed the need to challenge practitioners in entertainment and art to “strive for new ways to promote our culture, both to Barbadians who don’t know enough about it and to tourists who come to our shores who know nothing about our folklore at all”.
The “lounge-style” show will allow the audience to take part of the set with them. Poster prints of the artists’/actors’ paintings of the masquerades, also produced by Imageworx, are available for purchase.
The artwork, featuring original paintings like Sheer Ri by John Walcott and Municipal Solid Waste Tax by Nala are shown to the audience after the show.
The posters are exhibited in the foyer as patrons enter, which Cumberbatch noted was good reason to be early. 
Down In The Arte Farte Gully runs until September 13, with performances every Friday and Saturday night starting at 7:30 p.m. at The Reggae Lounge in St Lawrence Gap, Christ Church. Tickets are available on (PR)