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Family first


Family first

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HOME AND ART is the title of a month-long art exhibition featuring the recent works of veteran artist Rosemary Pilgrim at the Queen’s Park Gallery, Pelican Village.

This exhibition focuses significantly on the family life of Pilgrim, telling a story and giving each viewer a glimpse into in some aspects of Pilgrim’s family tree.

A former student of Queen’s College, Barbados Community College and Mount Allison University, Pilgrim has confessed to always being “stimulated and energised by the process of playing with ideas through line, shape, colour and tone”.

In fact, her current exhibition offers much symmetry and is not so much about colours as it is about line and shape.

“I gather my inspiration from the ordinary reality of being a woman . . . living my life in the physical and emotional environment that surrounds me,” says Pilgrim.

“My life is both extremely simple and deliciously complex; full of facets, layers and moving patterns, but these are underpinned by a variety of constants.

“The orientation of gender is one such constant, a very specific filter to the life force that surrounds me.

“Nature is another constant. It always beckons and intrigues, especially the aspects of it that exist close to my own front door.

“My own human issues and nature’s patterns often intertwine. Human form melts into the forms of nature; or nature stands as a metaphor for humanity. All of these layers exist in my images.”

The exhibition runs until September 16. (CCH)