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Gunned down

Tim Slinger

Gunned down

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The grandmother of murdered man Markley Williams said yesterday she was at home reading the Bible when the sound of gunfire rang out, not far away from her home.
Minutes later, Doreen Williams saw her grandson’s bloodied and bullet-riddled body sprawled on the road in Silver Sands, Christ Church, on Tuesday night, less than 100 yards away from her home at McClean Gap.
“I was in my bed reading my Bible and all of a sudden, I hear ‘pax, pax, pax, pax’. I said to myself, ‘My God, I wonder what that is going on out there?’ Then, my son come running to me and say, ‘You in here reading and Markley down there dead!,” was how the 78-year-old recounted the events leading up to Barbados’ 19th murder victim for the year.
Markley, a 39-year-old unemployed man, of Inch Marlow in the same parish, was reportedly on his way to watch a football game when a gunman sprayed him with bullets.
“I see all the blood and Markley was mashed up with gunshots all over his body,” Williams told the DAILY NATION.