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Dozens turn out for auction


Dozens turn out for auction

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BARGAIN HUNTERS turned up in their dozens to the Bridgetown Port today for its latest vehicle auction.

They braved overcast skies and drizzles then endured the blazing heat to get a deal on the vehicles, which were in various states of disrepair.

However, a few of the participants left disappointed with the number of cars available – around ten – as well as with some of the prices with the most expensive vehicle, a Ford Edge, going for $45 000.

Despite this, auctioneer Cardinal Burnett said the event “went well”.

Some of the vehicles on auction included a military jeep, a van shell and a vehicle modified to operate a crane.

A member of staff at the Port, who was not identified, said the vehicles were being auctioned as the people who brought them in might have been unable to pay the duties.

He however added that some of those same people could be in the crowd seeking to obtain their vehicles at a cheaper price. (CA)