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Missing Out

Maria Brahshaw

Missing Out

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BARBADOS may have lost out on an injection of about $10 million into the economy due to the postponement of the arrival of 90 Nigerian students who were going to be studying here for about a year.
The students, who are said to be involved in the Niger Delta Amnesty Programme, have already been enrolled at the Barbados Community College (BCC) Hospitality Institute, where they were supposed to be studying hospitality studies and agriculture.
They were scheduled to arrive here tomorrow. However, that has been postponed until January next year so that Government can put safeguards in place for the dreaded Ebola virus which is plaguing some African states.
A source told the WEEKEND NATION that it was uncertain whether the authorities in Nigeria would wait on Barbados because their original plan was to send the students to Trinidad, where 100 had gone before in 2012 to attend the National Energy Skills Centre.
The WEEKEND NATION was reliably informed that a prominent Barbados television personality, who is married to a Nigerian, recommended Barbados to the group, when they were making plans to send the students to Trinidad.