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More in-depth fashion training needed


More in-depth fashion training needed

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Students interested in pursuing a career in fashion should have earlier access to courses which provide more insight into the field than the current Clothing and Textiles syllabus.

Fashion designer and tutor Cassandra Mottley made the comments today ahead of a student exhibition of the Inspire Fashion workshop  at the Barbados Community College.

“Clothing and textiles is not offered in every school . . . [and] there are also a few students in here who are doing clothing and textiles and they have never sewn before. I am not saying they never will, but we offered a lot more than a traditional Clothing and Textiles programme . . . [such as] beading, tie-dye and I know perhaps this would be offered in an art programme, but [students] would not be exposed to courses in shoemaking and millinery, for example.”

Ranging in age from 11 to 20, the nine participants were also given lessons in fabric manipulation, jewellery making and basic make-up skills. 

“A lot of these things they do not get in schools . . . so I wanted to give back and offer something for those who were thinking about a career in fashion,” she explained. (LW)