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PUDDING & SOUSE: Nuptials all too public


PUDDING & SOUSE: Nuptials all too public

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Members of the congregation at a certain church were quite appalled when their leader’s nuptials were posted on social media for everyone to see.

They want to know if the person who posted the pictures of the bride and groom did it deliberately because of all the gossip that surrounded this marriage.

Apparently, members of the congregation are crying shame on the individual for posting the pictures because they say it was not that person’s place to upload those photos for the world to see. They also feel that the act has breached the couple’s right to privacy.

Deal goes sour

Barbados is once again facing two very major embarrassing situations.

Word reaching Pudding & Souse is that a very important piece of equipment was sold to a South American country with which Barbados has very close association.

The problem is that after selling it at a give-away price we now have to lease it back from the country to use. People at the organisation where this equipment is in great demand want to know if it was sold so that we can brag about the good relations we have with this country when we celebrate a big event which is coming up soon.

In any case, word is that we may not be able to navigate our way through our own waters.

In the other – equally embarrassing – situation, after operators sailed across the Atlantic Ocean to undertake a dredging job here, they had to turn around the two barges and sail out of Barbados because there was no money to pay them to do the job.

We understand that the authorities from where the barges originated were quite upset over the situation since it cost them time and money to sail into Barbados to undertake the mission.

Now they have pulled out after waiting several days with no money forthcoming.

Obviously this was not as sweet a deal as local officials thought they were getting.

Shame on young mum

People at a rural business are crying shame on a young mother after an apparently not-so-well-planned ambush on her former lover.

The talk on the spot was that this woman was showing how stupid she was since she was getting support for the child they share. And more puzzling was the fact that she brought along help to fuel a ruckus in full sight of all the patrons of the business.

Witnesses are hoping she will not be in a daze when it’s time to face the heat as a result of her actions.