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Erect signs, farmers told


Erect signs, farmers told

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FARMERS IN BARBADOS have been advised to erect no trespassing signs at the points of entry to their properties

This advice has come from deputy chief agricultural officer with responsibility for crops Dr Dennis Blackman, who made the comment during a recent interview with the Barbados Government Information Service.

He said provision is made in the Trespassers to Property Reform Act for such warning signs against trespassing to be erected by farmers.

“Once farmers have these signs erected it gives the police more authority to arrest people who are trespassing or loitering on the farm.  These signs should be planted on each farm in a location which is near to the normal point of entry … The signs can say:  trespassers will be prosecuted or no trespassing.   If people do breach these signs and do trespass on the farm the police will have good grounds for arrest and prosecution,” Blackman said.

The deputy chief agricultural officer acknowledged that one of the biggest problems faced by farmers on the island was praedial larceny.

He cited cases where farms have even gone out of business due to crop or animal theft, adding that the Ministry was currently in the process of setting up a praedial larceny desk, and would be working closely with the Royal Barbados Police Force to rectify the problem.  (BGIS)