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TALK BACK: Support for putting Nigerian students on hold

Sherrylyn Toppin

TALK BACK: Support for putting Nigerian students on hold

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Barbados may have lost out on $10 million after Government took the decision to postpone the arrival of 90 Nigerian students who were scheduled to come here last Saturday, so that safeguards can be put in place to combat any possibility of Ebola.

Meanwhile, hotelier Renee Coppin is rather put out that the decision was taken after she spent in excess of $30 000 making upgrades to one of her properties to house the students.

Coppin said she did her own research on Ebola and “would never consider taking an irresponsible decision to bring a group here if there was any risk of Ebola”, but felt the decision was made too hastily.

Online readers did not share that view.

Nigel D: While we will miss that injection of foreign exchange, we will certainly not miss the potential to spread Ebola here. For our safety, please let them move on or wait until we understand more about this deadly virus and how to treat it, or how to effectively manage the risks.

Sodi S: Does it even concern her that the Government is actively trying to prevent Ebola from reaching the island? I really can’t see how someone can’t see that. If the Nigerians can’t wait until January, then tough. Go somewhere else. The island must be safeguarded, and the Government is absolutely doing the right thing here.

Lana Headley-Robinson: I would rather Barbados lose out on $10 million than put the health of Barbadians in danger. Better safe than sorry.

Kim Ramsay: Can’t say I disagree with Government’s stance. Sorry, but because we seriously need funds right now, must we grab at that need at any cost? All countries have advisories on travel to and from that region. Ebola is not something to play with and Barbados can ill afford an outbreak of the flu, furthermore something as fatal as Ebola.

Renee Bajangal Mapp: I think the Government made a good choice.

Sharon Taylor: We rather that than Ebola. This was the stupidest, and, yes, stupidest, piece of journalism yet.

Maria Leclair Rose Dasilva: This is what journalists do – they report news to keep people informed. This is important information. In case you are not aware of it, Ebloa is deadly. Would you rather not know what is going on on your island? This decision could have saved lives, including your own. Do you still believe it is stupid journalism? If you do, you need to give your head a shake a few times.

Kim Nicholls-Ramsay: We ain’t missing out on nothing.

Prince Nick: If I were the minister for national security, I would have barred all flights and contact with that part of the world until they get it under control.

Myrtle Martin: Better safe than sorry. Stand firm, Barbados.

Suzette Lashley: I quite agree with the Government – if they can’t wait until January or whenever, they can go somewhere else. I would prefer to be safe than sorry.

Gail Laughlin Maskell: [I] prefer to lose money than the possibly of lives, thank you.

• Sherrylyn Toppin is THE NATION’s Online Editor.