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CXC seeking to expand to Africa, the diaspora


CXC seeking to expand to Africa, the diaspora

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WITH EXPANSION PROSPECTS in the Caribbean looking gloomy, the regional examinations body is looking to do business in Africa and elsewhere.

Acting registrar of the Caribbean Examinations Council (CXC), Glenroy Cumberbatch, made the disclosure yesterday during a ceremony at Divi Southwinds in Christ Church, during which he signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with the Examinations Council of Lesotho.

“We have been in the Caribbean for many years,” he told the gathering that included a number of senior Lesotho government officials.

“We have expanded as much as we can within the Caribbean. We need now to share our experiences . . . beyond the Caribbean into other areas, other countries and in the diaspora.”

He added: “Part of our plan therefore is to partner with countries, partner with firms, partner with whoever we can to provide a greater sense of sustainability for the Caribbean Examinations Council.

“We’re hoping that within the United Kingdom, within the USA, we can offer subjects like Caribbean studies, we can offer Caribbean history, we can offer subjects to those who are interested in having a [part] of the Barbados qualification, especially those who have lost their ties with the Caribbean and want to have that relationship through their studies and through their understanding of their birthplace or the birthplace of their parents.”

Cumberbatch said the MOU provided for an exchange of information and professionals between the two institutions.

The agreement was also signed by registrar of the Lesotho Examinations Council of Lesotho, Dr Litsabako Ntoi, and witnessed by Lesotho’s Minister of Education Makabelo Mosothoane and Dr Charles Mayenga, senior assistant registrar. (TY)