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SBA seal of approval coming

BEA DOTTIN, [email protected]

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For the first time, consumers in Barbados will soon be able to benefit from an initiative to ensure high quality and standards as well as a guarantee that small businesses are operating according to best practices akin to the well-known Angie’s List in the United States.

Chief executive officer of the Small Business Association (SBA), Lynette Holder, said yesterday it would launch the Small Business Approved seal during the 11th annual week of activities with the help of the title sponsor First Citizens Bank from September 21 to 27.

She said the SBA had received comments from members of the public about some of the membership not providing quality work and other “negative talk”.

“But then there are others who give fantastic service [and] quality goods and services,” Holder pointed out, “but we have no mechanisms at times to celebrate those.

“So what we have done in the association, with our strategic partner, one of our members, we have developed a seal called the Small Business Approved seal, and this seal is going to be available to the small businesses sector across all industries and areas of economic activity.” (AB)