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Foreplay giant, but still too small

rhondathompson, [email protected]

Foreplay giant, but still too small

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Dear Christine,

I recently read an article in this column where the letter writer shared with you that his penis was too small and he had not dated in over a year since his last female partner laughed at his small size.

Well, while I am not laughing, I must share the following with you.

I have been in an intimate relationship with a clever lover who is great at foreplay and knows how to stimulate me in ways that make it easy for me to climax.

We have discussed a more permanent commitment such as marriage, but the trouble is, and I hate to admit this, his organ is so small that I really want someone more generously endowed.

While I like him, I cannot think of him as my lifelong lover or husband. And I do not want to tell him why I am breaking off with him as I am sure he will be hurt.

He knows I share his tastes, his company, conversations, and even enjoy sex with him. He just is not the one I want.

What should I do?


– S


Dear S,

I am still waiting to hear what the real problem is.

If you “even enjoy sex with him” and he satisfies you sexually, what more are you asking for? Will you be marrying the penis or the man?

I am not trying to be funny but I have to ask that question because it seems you are willing to be with a man based on the size of his penis. Won’t anything else about the man matter?

God forbid that that penis should fail to function as you desire – even if it is bigger than your friend’s.

Be so kind to this man as to leave him so another woman can see him as a lifetime partner and enjoy his great lovemaking and conversations.

Don’t feel sorry for him – he will be lucky to be rid of you, even if he does not know it, based on the reason you’ll whip up and give to him for having left him.

If you did not express yourself so strongly and wanted to keep him, I would say go ahead and marry the man, get a sex manual and try other positions until you have one that affords better contact when you are together.

However, this strong idea you have in your head does seems to mean you should leave him.

You don’t want to hurt him. So tell him you are not ready to make a real commitment, you need time to sort out what you really want from life and he has to find someone else.

Please do not tell him about this fixation of yours. It is your problem. Don’t make it his.