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HEALING HERBS: Strawberry a wonder fruit

Annette Maynard-Watson

HEALING HERBS: Strawberry a wonder fruit

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Why am I experiencing this intense feeling of love and affection? Maybe romance is in the air.

Thinking again, it could be that “40-something attack” because there is a saying that life begins at 40. Then I said to myself that cannot be it. So my mind raced into wonderland and it appeared as if my body was deeply covered in hot romance. Was I near to the answer? 

Finally, the mystery was solved. It was perched in the middle, appeared juicy, shimmered in crimson red, sensual to the eye and pocketed with seeds.

Oh boy! My lips began to tremble as I took the first bite. It was astonishingly delicious and made the bladder stones quickly pass out my body. “Thank God,” I remarked, “my lost appetite had returned.” You must believe me, it was nothing more than silent doctor strawberry. Without a doubt, strawberries can always put moves into your groove.

Undoubtedly, I have grown strawberries in my garden and it was a very exciting, soothing experience. I had to take great care of the plants and when I saw my first strawberry, I was overjoyed. Research shows that these red fruits with their seeds on the outside can assist with many health challenges.

Strawberries are good for those who are obese. They also boost short-term memory, ease inflammation, lower cardiovascular diseases, promote bone health, boost the immune system, prevent esophageal, breast, cervical and colon cancer, regulate blood pressure and promote eye health.

They can also keep wrinkles at bay, can be used as an astringent for diarrhoea and digestive upset, are good for intestinal worms, rheumatic disorder and fight bad cholesterol.

They are used in folklore medicine in some cultures for diabetes, hypertension, tumours, urogenital problems, dyspepsia and podagra. The fresh leaves can be used to make tea or used topically on wounds. The roots are used as a coffee substitute.

Furthermore, strawberries are loaded with antioxidants. In cosmetics they are used for many reasons, including for sunburns, whitening the teeth and combating freckles. 

Finally, my husband enjoys giving me strawberries. They seem to add that extra flick to romance. You must try growing them in your garden to experience a glimpse of true paradise as you nurture and consume them.

Nothing on the earth can replace the fresh, sweet, juicy nature of Caribbean silent doctors. So the next time you are in for a romantic thrill, try a fruit salad with strawberries, watermelon, banana and pomegranates covered with flaxseeds to kiss the night away.

 Annette Maynard-Watson, a teacher and herbal educator, may be contacted via [email protected] or by telephone 250-6450.

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