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Advantages of being single

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Advantages of being single

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Dear Christine,

I AM TIRED of hearing my single girlfriends talk about how boring their lives are. I too am single, but I do not fret the way they do.

I recently decided to read up a lot about the advantages of being single or living alone. I came across the responses given by some single women and men when asked what do they like most about being single.

Please publish them for me. Here they are:

• “You are free to be with whom you want, whenever you want, doing whatever you want without ever having to give an account to anyone else.”

• “I can have the whole closet for myself.”

• “You can come home, put your feet on the coffee table and sit in front of the television for as long as you want without anyone asking you to switch to another channel.”

• “You can cook whatever you want and if you do not want to cook, that’s no problem.”

• “You can go to bed attired as you please without having to worry about sex appeal.”

• “It’s great to snuggle up in bed with my ‘two big cats’ without anyone sneezing.”

• “It’s so much fun to stay up until 3 a.m or going to bed at 7 p.m. and wake up whenever I like.”

• “There is less housework to worry about.”

• “Going where I want, when I want and never having to worry about getting back home on time is so great.”

• “You know more about yourself and what you want out of a relationship.”

• “It’s exciting wondering where and when you’ll meet that special someone.”

• “I no longer have to wonder what time of the night her mother will call.”

• “Not having to fight for bathroom rights.”

• “Never having to wake up in the morning and saying ‘sorry’ for the fight you’ve had the night before.”

• “Never being forced into making ‘nice-nice conversations’ with his business associates.”

• “I now realise I can do all those things I never thought I could do around the house.”

• “I can do whatever I want with my money.” 

• “Not having to wait until someone else wants to turn off the light at night before going to sleep.”

• “You can drink straight from the carton of juice in the refrigerator and leave lipstick stains on it without offending anyone.”

• “You can always read at the table during every meal.”

• “I never have to worry about whether the toilet seat is up or down.”

Christine, I know some of these may sound funny and others downright ridiculous, but they are all advantages of being single.

– M. Laurie


Dear M. Laurie,

I have published your letter as requested. It’s always great to welcome some “light-hearted writings”. Thanks!